Comparison shots EXP600 and Oly C8080WZ

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Re: Comparison shots EXP600 and Oly C8080WZ

Not only do I visit frequently (thanks for the excellent info there), your info aboutthe cam is much appreciated.

I just printed both pictures at 600 dpi. To be frank, i do not see much of a difference at all. The oly has slightly more tele, which emphasises actually some details. If there is anything more in the oly in terms of resolution, than the Casio does one hell of a job ! But i've seen more P600 pictures that came out surprisingly good.
So in dim light it focusses well ? But is it accurate as well ?

You said the flash worked well on the Casio. But flash range is very small. Based on the figures presented by Casio with the P600 you should buy a flash as well ?

Overall, to me the P600 looks like a very, very promising cam. At the same time if you like to use more tele (it will bring you only to 200 mm with the adviced canon converters), and if you indeed need an extra flash, it is a bucket full of money you have to spend. To get it all the way the total price gets very close to or even higher than the Canon Pro1, the Minolta A2 !


g_mueller wrote:

I currently have both cameras in house and have done these two
shots out of the window just a few minutes ago. Both shot with AWB,
f4.0 and approx 33mm equivalent focal length.



First observations:

Casio competes surprisingly well. Oly only slightly higher detail
due to the higher pixel count. AF on the Casio is lightning fast,
especially in low light. Oly has some problems there. Casio
slightly more aggressive Noise reduction but not as heavy as e.g.
Canon Pro1.

Casio: Highest magnification around mid zoom: 5.5 cm fills the
Better than expected and i think the lens is exactly the same as on
the Sony V1.

Oly: In Manual focus Super Macro mode you can almost touch the
subject: 3 to 4cm fills the frame. Very impressive.

Slow synchro flash with the Casio available only in manual mode.
But works very well. Seems to be some kind of TTL flash system (no
dedicated flash sensor on the camera as previous Casio's had).

Incredible little cam that Casio. I love it already.

Shutter lag (prefocus) on both cams is below 0.1 sec i think. Very


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