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Re: Question on color temp

Thanks. I will set my monitor to 6500K and then run the calibration and tell it 6500K. Hopefully that is the correct way to run this. By the way how much better are the hardware sensor calibrations from this calibration with WiziWYG?
Thanks again,

Graeme Cogger wrote:

rmalone wrote:

Thanks for the answers Graeme. The question left is, does it matter
what my monitor itself is set at for color temp? Or does the
calibration override the hardware setting? I also did not
understand why Paul said to enter 6500K if the monitor was set to
9300K and to enter 9300K if monitor set to 6500K(I assume 'monitor
set to' is hardware setting). I know I keep going for the details,
but I guess color management is all in the details.
Thanks again.

On a superficial level, it doesn't matter what hardware colour temp
is set on the monitor, since the calibration will correct for it.
In practice, however, it is not a good idea to have the hardware
setting too different from the target setting. This is because the
calibration corrections are done by loading a LookUp Table (LUT) to
the graphics card. This is a set of 3 tables (for R, G and B)
mapping an input level (0-255) to an output level (0-255). To
convert a 9300K monitor to 6500K will mean that the blue table
gives a maximum output level of, say, 150 instead of 255. This
obviously reduces the number of different shades of blue you can
reproduce, and can cause posterisation (a lack of smoothness to
colour gradients such as a blue sky).
So basically, you should set the hardware colour temperature as
close to the target setting as possible.
Unless you're using an LCD, but that's another issue...

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