Hint for using the arrows on *ist D

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Re: Hint for using the arrows on *ist D

dfrack wrote:
I found that the menus can also be operated using the two Av\Tv
dials. This reduced my frustration with the arrow controller

Turn the Tv dial (front) to move up/down the menus, and Av dial
(back) to move left/right to submenus.

Don Frack

Epix_de wrote:

Hi fellow *ist D users!

I have been using my *ist D now for about two weeks, and want to
comment on the complaint with the arrow handling that has come up
several times.

First, I was using the arrow pad by pressing on the arrows
perpendicular to the backside of the camera. That lead to several
accidental "OK" presses instead of movements. Bad.

So I played around a bit (also with gloves, since I am sitting here
in the arctic at -20°C some days - no problem for the camera, by
the way) and came to a different way of thinking on how to use the
arrow pad:

Instead of pressing on the arrows, I keep my finger quite tightly
on the "OK" position and move it in the direction of the arrows.
Just don't think of having five different buttons in a "cross"
position, which you can press seperately, but think of a joystick
or a trackball which you can move and push down. The feeling is
then very similar to the pin which is found in some notebooks from
IBM, Thoshiba or Siemens Nixdorf. Another comparison: Think "mouse
wheel" which also includes a button if you press it down.

Maybe this helps some of you!

Best wishes from Svalbard at 79° N,
Jens, probably owner of the northernmost *ist D

Both of these tips work great. Thanks!

BTW while messing with these two ideas I discovered that if you're in the shooting mode with no image on the screen and press the info button all the camera settings are displayed. I didn't know that happened although I might be the only one who missed that one if it's in the manual...

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