Make em shine! Custom Curves for D70..

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Make em shine! Custom Curves for D70..

Hi all,

I have had a great response to my gallery of D70 pics at pbase. Thank you everyone for your kind words, like many here, I am very enthusiastic about photography again, and the D70 looks like a real winner and a great tool. Don't worry about the FUD and the trolls, look at the results and make up your own mind.

I have had many requests for my custom curve that I use to brighten the conservative (slightly dark in mid-tones) exposure of the D70.

You can make it by adding in the following two points to the curve: 99-120 and 141-171 or by downloading it from:

For a great explanation of what a custom curve is, try this site:

Also search the forum for his recent posts:

I recommend you also try Neils and Fotogenetics curves for the D100 as well, to see what works best for you. They can be downloaded from:

Ok, now you have the curves… You will need the 30 day trial of Nikon Capture 4.1 if you do not already have it, to install and use a custom curve. That means getting the 4.0 trial, and updating it to 4.1 so it will recognise the D70.

Once installed, plug in your camera, run Nikon Capture Control, go to the Menu called Camera, and select Edit Camera Curves. Load up the curve there. The sample image box is not a good guide to what it will make the image look like – it does not display a sample NEF correctly.

The curve, when selected in the camera menu – Green – Optimise Image – Custom – Tone Comp – Custom – will affect every picture you take in P, A, S and M modes. It will be a permanent change to JPGs, but if you are shooting NEF/RAW you can turn it off after you shoot. Playing in Nikon Capture Editor later, in the advanced RAW dialog, will show you the difference with and without the curve applied. If you are shooting JPEG, it is much better to apply the curve in the camera before conversion to 8 bit and compression, than afterwards in Photoshop etc.

Have fun, and shoot great pictures.


David F.
Melbourne, Australia.

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