Incident! @ The NYC Anti-War Protest/March - (D100 Pic Sequence)

Started Mar 22, 2004 | Discussions thread
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Re: Incident! @ The NYC Anti-War Protest/March - (D100 Pic Sequence)

Protest and marches are great photo-ops and every one likes to cover them because they are full emotion, regardless of which side of the issue you are on. They are great places to capture some moving images.

But in this situation not only did the protestors not have any regard for anyone in their path but if you were to ask them to articulate what they were protesting I would bet you a D2H they couldn't tell you.

Recently someone did interviews with protestors at one of the anti-war rallys and every one of them rattled off typical sound bytes that they have heard others repeat. But when asked any real questions about real issues they couldn't answer a single one of them.

Thank goodness Protesting is our right in THIS country but let's not forget it is because others gave their lives in wars to protect those rights.


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