Incident! @ The NYC Anti-War Protest/March - (D100 Pic Sequence)

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Nice photojournalism work!!

-X- wrote:

I went on over yesterday to check out the Anti-War March/Protest in
Midtown (Manhattan). Needless to say, it was another great
experience. There were literally thousands of Photogs all around
me. Mostly P&S, but also a very large share of Pro's and
Photo-enthusiasts. And I saw a lot of impressive equipment as
well! Boy was it an awesome day for a picture!
So anyway, in the midst of all this action, a rather newsworthy
occurence emerged. Check out the follwing images to see what lead
to an elderly woman being lead out of the march.....on a stretcher.

It started with a very large group of Student Protesters/Marchers
who chose to get their point across in a rather unconventional
They stop at certain points during the march (for about a minute)
and form a sort of barricade, creating a huge gap between
themselves, and the marchers ahead of them. (Take notice of the
"Gray-Haired" Lady to the right of the frame with her back towards
the camera.)

The "ringleader" then coordinates (via bullhorn'ed instructions) a
"rush", in which (at the ringleader's call) all the marchers begin
storming down the open path ahead of them in a sort of
"BraveHeart-esque", warrior-like manner. Extremely intimidating,
but very point driving, needless to say. All the Photogs,
including myself, quickly scrambled out of the way to avoid the
angry stampede!

Unfortunately, one of us didn't make it. An elderly woman (a
fellow Nikonian, btw) was apparently not quick enough to escape the
angry stampede. She was trampled! Many of us rushed to her side.
Upon quick realization that she was in the best hands she could be
in at the moment (a doctor was actually in the area), I felt
compelled to document the somewhat unfortunate consequences of
these protester's actions.

After closer analysis, it seemed she was in worse condition than we
had earlier anticipated. We advised her to remain down until
further help arrived. She was comforted by many good samaritans
while the Paramedics were en route to the scene.

Finally, help arrived, and it was determined that she should be
taken to a local hospital for further examination.

Thankfully, I didn't see anyting else this unfortunate occur for
the remainder of the March. My thoughts and prayors go out to that
poor lady, and I sincerely hope she is doing well.

Thanks for looking, and please do not hesitate to post comments
and/or critiques on my images.
'No one ever takes a photograph of something they want to forget.'

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