Adobe RGB and the s9000

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Adobe RGB and the s9000

Do you own an s9000? Do you understand the difference between sRGB and aRGB (Adobe RGB)? Are you naturally curious?

If yes, then I would appreciate some help. For some time I've been championing sRGB color space. Click on this link

and choose Prelude > Color Space for the writeup.

I target the web and do prints at . For the web, sRGB is the standard. And, I'm unable to distinguish any new colors on prints.

Recently I had one of those "aha!" experiences. Note the following two plots:

As you can see, the sRGB color space encompases the gamut for the Fuji Frontier. This accounts for the reason I don't see any difference. But the sRGB color space does a rather poor job when it comes to the s9000.

Gosh, have I been missing colors? I would like to find out. To determine this, I want to have a few images printed on an s9000 using both sRGB and aRGB. In fact, I've made a few test images for just this purpose.

If you own an s9000, use aRGB in your workflow, get good results, and would like to participate, send me personal email. My email address is at the following site:

I'll give you a few links so you can download the images, and my snail-mail address so you can mail them to me. In return, I'll snail-mail you the results I get from the Frontier, along with a small sum to reimburse your expenses.

Thank you.

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