Canon 300 f/4L or Sigma 100-300 f/4 EX

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Re: I miss the zoom!

That's why the 300 L IS is so good. Minimum focus distance is only 1,5 m. It's perfect to shot hummingbirds and other small birds at close distance. I use mine to shot butterflies & Dragonflies all the time.


Daniella wrote:
I find myself missing shot of close by birds like little
hummingbird. I missed some great opportunities because of that. I
find it limitating to be stuck at 300mm so I ordered the Sigma
100-300 F4 instead.

Malcolm Stewart wrote:

Lars erik Nes wrote:


I have a problem. I don't know which lens to choose
The 2 candidates:
A Used Canon 300 f/4L USM in great condition
A used(very little) Sigma 100-300 f/4 EX HSM (150$ more expensive
then canon)
I am going to use it on a Canon D30. The lens will be used for
shooting birds mostly.
Does anyone have opinions on which one to choose.

Will you be shooting from a hide? If yes, the zoom may be useful,
otherwise I find that I need to use a 1.4x extender on my 300 f4L
when shooting birds. Even then the images aren't particularly
frame filling unless I'm shooting nearly tame mallard.
The EF 300 f4L does not disappoint (make sure it has the tripod
mounting ring) and will be fully compatible with your camera - have
no experience of the Sigma.

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