Epson R200 ... it exists... doesn't it?

Started Mar 19, 2004 | Discussions thread
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Eric F Junior Member • Posts: 41
Epson R200 ... it exists... doesn't it?

Hi all!

I recently bought an Epson R200 printer. So I know it exists (and so far I'm finding it a fine replacement for my now defunct Epson Photo 700).

When I first went shopping for a new printer I went to Epson's (US) website, where I found out about the R200. It was listed with all their inkjet photo printers.

Then, I went back, and it was gone.

Not too many places here in the US seem to carry it, at least from my web searches.

From what I've seen in this forum it's actually a NEW model... since it disappeared from the Epson website and I couldn't find many online, I thought maybe it was discontinued.

Anyone know the details of the sordid past of the Epson Photo R200? The link someone posted to the UK website for Epson shows that it's there. Is it just a new product that they're only JUST shipping?

I'm SO confused! But it doesn't take much to do that!

Well, I bought my R200 at CompUSA for $99.97. So I KNOW it exists. But Epson says it doesn't. In the US.

Can someone clear this up for me?



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