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LeeBase wrote:

Ok....I hope I'm covering enough basis. I sat my daughter in mixed
light. A lamp and track lighting. I shot in raw. One of the
results is with AWB using the wand in C1.

I also tested with reflected light (ExpoDisc aiming at my daugher)
and once each with Incident, pointing at one, then the other light

I tested the ExpoDisc, CoffeeFilter and Pringles lid -- though I
only did the reflected vs. incident with the Expo Disc.

The results were all good except with the AWB. Here are the color
results of sampling the third from the top grey box on the color

Temp Tone RGB
AWB 3325 -2 166-115-72
Wand 2370 6 127-118-119
Coffee 2000 -21 122-120-124
Pringles 2370 7 116-107-108
ExpoRefl 2430 9 125-113-113
ExpoInc1 2450 8 99-85-84
ExpoInc2 2510 11 106-91-94

Once again the ExpoDisc seems to be the most accurate.

I'm not sure how you're defining "most accurate".

If those numbers are supposed to be neutral gray, looking at the difference between the highest and lowest readings, you get:

Coffee filter 3.3%
Pringles lid 8.4%
ExpoDisc 10.6%

However, although not accurate, the ExpoDisc, being the warmest of the bunch, is probably the most visually pleasing.

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