Getting more contrast on B&W conversion

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Digital B&W Filters in the Computer

greydarrah wrote:

I think that you can get fine contrast and depth to an image using channel mixing. I ususally start with something like Red: 60, Green: 20, Blue: 40 and run the Constant up or down to make give the image more impact.

Take this one step further with this neat little trick...

When you shoot black & white film, what do you put on the front of the lens to alter tone and contrast? Filters. So why not do the same in the computer.

After you do the above with a Channel Mix adjustment layer above your color image, you create a Hue Sat adjustment layer between the color layer and the Chan/Mix layer thus creating a color filter. All you have to do now is vary the Hue slider (filter color) until you see the the image you like. You can also adjust saturation to vary the intensity of your new color filter.

By the way, I believe that the above Channel Mixer adjustment layer numbers are the same as if you simply converted to grey scale and are thus a good starting point. The filter trick just gives you instant access to a pumped up image.

Cheers, MARC

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