828 Nodal Points Calculated; 28-70mm

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828 Nodal Points Calculated; 28-70mm

Hi All,

I know some of you out there are interested in Pano. Photography and are looking to make an "L" bracket 4 your 828 but like me have/had no idea of where the nodal point's are for the lens at different focal lenghts.

I was inspired after reading the following post started by Air Cael in which Johannes gives a very good rundown on how to determine the nodal point for a given focal lenght, see link;


Using Johannes's method as best I could I made a nice wooden jig and used a string line from the pivot point to the far marker and positioned the near marker on the string line so all three points were in line. I tested the first 4 focal lenghts as marked on the lens 28, 35, 50 and 70mm. Then I ran into a problem with the jig because I can not get any closer to the pivot point so i will be making a new jig asap. (next week) to test the rest of the zoom range, but for most pano work this end of the zoom will be the most widely used;-)


All these results require the tripod mount to be moved back from the pivot point, distance in mm (eg. the nodal piont is in frount of the tripod mount by given distance)

Focal lenght (35mm equ.) Nodal point from tripod mount

28mm 56mm*
35mm 51mm
50mm 38mm
70mm 21mm

If anyone feels like doing this themselves and checking my results feel free, I will be rechecking them myself when i make my new jig.

Now you can make a bracket that has positions for the focal lenght that best fit the pic you what to take.

Hope this was of some use to you now or in the future...



  • this is 1mm less than Johannes...

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