Fill in flash with istD

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Re: Fill in flash with istD

Switch to M mode
Pop the flash
Expose the pic (press green button then set to +0.5 using Tv or Av dial)

Press the comp button and underexpose (flash) by -1.5ev using Tv dial (while holding comp).

Thats it.

michael cm wrote:
What can I do if I want use conventional method on backlight
object: increase background light by 0.5EV, reduce internal flash
output by 1.5EV under centre weighted metering? Thanks.


Sylwiusz wrote:

joaquim hierro wrote:

I can't find on the istD the equivalent flash compensation function.
So, how can I make fill in or low sync flash with the istD?

With firmware 1.1 you can do it by setting exposure compensation in
M mode. But be aware of the different way of functioning between
plain TTL and P-TTL flash exposure. P-TTL (works for now with
buil-in flash and AF360FGZ) is of balanced type, using matrix for
exposure calculation, it usually automagically adds (-)
compensation for fill flash. Slow sync flash as usually with Pentax
is available in M mode and in Tv as well.

Best regards


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