Quality of 70-300 ED D?

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Re: Quality of 70-300 ED D?

I've looked at this lens as a cheap walk-around zoom for candids at festivals, outdoor events, etc. There is quite a bit of heated discussion surrounding this lens. I would recommend doing a search over on the Nikon SLR lens forum using the search term "70-300". This way you'll get comparisons of the G and D versions as well as comparisons with the Sigma 70-300.

If you read through the 70-300 threads in the lens forum, you will find that some people disagree with the photodo.com testing of this lens (don't ask, I don't know enough about optics physics). But the proof is in the picture. Many of these threads share their pictures - there have even been some recent pics in this forum.

Here's some other link from my research:

Tom Hogan's Review (well respected dpreview forum poster, author of photog books, and very nice site - a wealth of Nikon resources)

Photographyreview.com (I can't vouch for this site, but it is full of user reviews)


Posts on this site with pictures:





Also scroll about halfway down to "Kenneth Plotkin" on this page for motorsports shots taken with the 70-300G

And finally, the PBase samples:


70-300ED D

Happy shopping!!

Ping279 wrote:

I know people have recommended me this lens before and it is
definitly the range i'm looking for but... I've checked out this
site : http://photodo.com/nav/prodindex.html and if you look
about half way down the list, they rank it a 2.4 out of 5, one of
the lowest ranked lenses in their list. Is this a good lens?
If I was to get it, It would be after getting the D70 with the kit
lens, if that helps any : - p

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