Almost close I can taste it!

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Re: Almost close I can taste it!

freegirl wrote:

You might try to set the flash not to fire but still auto focus. I use this with center focus and started to get excellent results. I am using a sigma 50-500 lense so light is a problem but at iso 400 the shutter speed is fast enough to get quality pictures. all my pictures are taken outdoor mostly of birds.

You might try sports mode I have had shutter speeds up to 1/1500 in good light. some of you know, I've been having sharpness problems
with my 10D. I just did a test between my camera and a friend's
10D with the exact same settings and exact lighting conditions. I
tried every different scenerio possible (ex. my camera/his
lense......his camera/my lense......etc), and here are the results:

His lense is sharper than mine! He's got a 28-70 and I've got a
24-70. They are both 2.8. Mine is almost double the price, but
his is much sharper. I shot same subject and zoomed in to 100%.
MAJOR DIFFERENCE!! I was happy I finally figured it out. So I
took his lense to shoot my couple outside (small wedding), and when
I got back to the studio and downloaded them.......they were not
sharp anymore!! They looked like the same as what I get with my
camera. What is going on? I now believe someone is just playing
games with me. It's really getting frustrating.

The test was shot indoors with flash (same flash, everything was
the same). I zoomed in close to subjects face (head & shoulder),
and used AF and downloaded both images. I did this many, many
times, not just once, and all time it proved that his lense was
sharper. But outdoors, when I shot full length I used AF (his
lense) and then downloaded and zoomed to 100%, they were not sharp.
Could it be that the AF has a problem focusing on such a small area
(such as face) when shooting group shots?

Any ideas?

I have not yet taken it in to Canon.....but I plan too.

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