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David Kieltyka
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The need to adapt

shinytickles wrote:

So to get a wider view, I can snap on my Heliar 15mm, and get an
effective 22 mm, so that's ok, but how am I going to frame it?
Special order a 21mm finder? How inconvenient!

This is exactly how you have to do it with your Leica, which has no 15mm frame built in. With the R-D1 you'll just need a different finder.

IMO the drawback with the R-D1's smaller sensor isn't in the ultra need external finders for those anyway. The drawback is in the lack of an onboard 24 or 25mm frame. The 35mm focal length is very popular with RF camera users (me included) and with the R-D1 you'll need a 24/25mm lens, along with an external 35mm finder, to get roughly the same field-of-view. On the plus side focusing with a fast 50mm lens will be very accurate due to the finder's high magnification. Using a Noctilux oughta be fun.

Now of course, all of this can be alleviated if it has live
preview, so I can focus first, and frame with the LCD panel. But
still, it's an extra step I rather not deal with in the first place.

The camera won't have live preview. The sensor doesn't support such a thing, and in any case the camera has a physical shutter preventing it.

I plan to simply adapt to the field-of-view changes, much as I did in moving from a 35mm SLR to the Canon 10D. IMO the 21--35--50mm set should work well (providing FOVs equivalent to those from 32, 53 and 75mm lenses on a Leica or Bessa), with the 15mm kept in reserve for ultra wide stuff and my old Zeiss 85mm f/2 LTM used for the rare long focus shot.


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