Speed up Existing CF write speeds?

Started Jan 15, 2004 | Discussions thread
martin surovcek Senior Member • Posts: 1,082

i have to say, that it is faster. form 30s writing -> 20s writing (cca)
well, i have PQI F1 40x cf 512 card
i tried it at RAW 1600ISO 4files
file size of all 4 files cca 30mb

makman wrote:

TalkieT wrote:
Hey guys - I ran across this on the Storage Media forum, and
wondered if it's been tested here? Does it work? (I'm picking up my
300d early next week and haven't bought a CF card yet -
recommendations on that welcome too!)

If you want to speed up your card - try to format using :
format x: FS:FAT A:16K

on my Digital Rebel:

card formatted with camera - time to write 4 RAW files

  • 55sek (27MB) - 470Kb/sek

card formatted with computer format x: FS:FAT A:16K

  • 41sek - 745kb/sek

Kingstone standart 128MB

I can certainly imagine that changing the Allocation unit size
might help, but that seems like a huge boost for such a simple

Cheers - Neil G

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Martin Tony Surovcek

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