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Re: XP on PC is BETTER than Mac OS 10!! IMHO! Sorry Apple!

I feel the need to reply to a lot of your points. This is not a flame... jsut want to make some points of my own here.

I teach computer animation at a college. I have a fully mixed network of top of the line machines in my office at home. My entire life also revolves around computers.

I am working on a G5 Dual 2 Ghz, under the desk is a dual 2.6 Ghz Boxx running XP Pro. Next to me is a G4 1 Ghz Powerbook, and across the room are various PCs and Macs.

Been a computer user since I bought and built an Altair.

1. On a PC, ANY command can be done from the keyboard with the Alt
key. I can run a PC with OUT a mouse. You can NOT run a Mac with
out a mouse.

Please look in the System preferences. Under Universal Access you will see quite a few ways of accessing the system. This is built for the disabled... however if you open the keyboard & mouse preferences you will see a list of keyboard shortcuts. The entire system can be customized with shortcuts.

2. AND, the "Command" key (Ctrl on a PC) is easier to execute than
the Cmd key on a is just logically spaced better. I am
currently wiaint for some software to switch the keys around on my
Mac, but this small detail makes a difference.

This is an entirely personal opinion. I find that using my thumb on the command key (versus my pinky on the ctrl key) to be far more comfortable and logical. Again, not better for anyone but me.

3. Mac has thus far refused to support a two button mouse (liek on
my G$ laptop), insisting that people use a one button mouse forcing
people to use the Ctrl key (or click and hold) to contect menu
support. VERY frustrating.

Apple builds their machines for the majority of computer users. There are numerous usability studies that point out the advantages to a one button mouse. I do agree that multi-button mice are superior and I use the Logitech wireless... but the options are there. To say they don't "support" it is specious.

4. A full size, maximized image on a PC is actualy taking up the
entire screen. On a Mac, it doesn't ever really take up the whol
screen, and I end up constantly fighting with the sizes of windows.
And on a Mac, there is ONLY one place to resize a window from.

Hmmm, the Mac enlarges windows to the maximum size they need to be expanded. I understand that there are interface elements, but on Windows it is possible to enlarge a window to full screen even if it doesn't need to be. I am not sure what you mean by "fighting" windows.

True there is only one place to resize a window on the Mac, well actually two if you count the button in the top left of the window which will size your window to the exact right size for the content. Click the maximize button on a PC and the window fills the screen, click it again and it goes back to it's original size, not exactly what I am looking for.

5. On a PC, you can resize a window from ANY side!!! (Take a look
at this thread: ). I know I
just said this in the last point...but this is SOOO MAJOR. On my
Mac, ESPECIALLY on the trackpad of the Laptop, it is a DAILY, DAILY
frustration to resize and move windws around.

You have gotten WAAAAAAY to familiar with Windows... LOL.

6. Nikon View is an absoulte DOG on a Mac.

OK, this is one I hate hearing! You are blaming the poor code of a third-party company that EVERYONE acknowledges is garbage... but this is somehow Apple's fault? Get MacBibble.

  • There are more differences, but I am out of time...I will try to

come back later and add some more!

Now, I don't say this lightly and hope I have qualified this answer
and have not opened myself up a "can of whoop". But, I think the PC
is better, especially for a photography workflow.

I think you have been out of the fold for too long (Meant to be light-hearted).

Maybe there are other considerations to keep in mind, some hardware
considerations to keep in mind. I just know for sure that the GUI
and system interface (keyboard commands) are pretty key for me.
Granted, there are some things I really like about Mac. I LOVE
Entourage. VERY COOL, smart program with it's threaded message
feature and live spell check and correction.

I was an Entourage user until I started using Mail under Jaguar. Faster and lighter and backing up mailboxes is so simple. Oh, and the spell checker in Mail is a systemwide feature. Add a word to it's dictionary and you will never misspell that word again ANYWHERE in the OS.

On a positive note, I guess, my supervisor asked if I wanted to
switch to PC. At first, I was going to switch. I think it would be
better for the students. But teaching in a class room, with Apple
Remote Desktop as a teaching aid is the COOLEST. I won't go into
here...but it is enough of a reason to settle with the limitations
of a Mac!!!

Yup, I love RDT. I log into my father's machine in Baltimore to show him stuff. That and iChat video conferencing is incredible. My kids get to see their grandparents almost every night, even separated by thousands of miles.

The funny thing is when I started in VFX, there were no PCs... only UNIX systems. MS bought Softimage and that changed. When I started teaching all the machines were PCs. They still are, but the students hate them. They are constantly going dow, restarting for no reason or just doing things to make life hard.

I use my own Powerbook for demos and lectures and the students have been amazed at what I can do with it. As of today 5 graduates have switched and they are always telling me how much easier life is now.

It is pretty much all personal opinion at this point as XP IS better than the previous OS offerings from MS (except maybe Win2K). But I still have a far more "happy" computing experience on OSX than on XP.

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