new F717 - goals/advice

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Re: new F717 - goals/advice

mightykev wrote:

I just got a 717 and am somewhat overwhelmed initially with all of
the different settings and features it has. Does anyone know of a
good manual/tutorial I can find or purchase online? I would be
very appreciative.

I love taking pictures at night... which is incredibly challenging.
I also like taking pictures where I can somehow include or directly
involve the sun.

Also if anyone has any general advice in general about the camera,
tips, things to watch out for etc., that's awesome too...

Lastly since I'm new here, here is a brief colelction of some of my
favorite pictures I have taken. Hope you all enjoy, any comments
are welcome.


Nice photo's!

The F717 really is a nice camera. You can look into getting Peter iNova's Sony eBook.

Also, Shay Stephens has this:

I hope this helps!

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