Police. Photographers. Rights. And isn't this getting harder?

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Very well said Marduk (n/t)

marduk wrote:
It is the result of the "religous right" seeking to stamp their
ever increasingly fundamentalist views on the rest of society. The
adminstration complains when people in Iraq want to base their
constitution on Islam, but then they attempt to ban gay marriage
because it goes against christian tenets, or they want to put the
ten commandments in every classroom and courtroom in the country.
Go figure... And believe me it is only going to get worse before it
gets better,, especially if Bush "wins" (more acurately - usurps)
the next election.

Peter Berressem wrote:

l.x. wrote:

To me, it seems very strange that the "land of the free" has become
so anti-liberal in many regards without a public outcry. In Germany
(a country liberated by the US), this would be unthinkable.

Here the rule is, if you don't want me taking pictures of you and
your stuff in public, then stop emitting light in my direction. The
only restriction currently under discussion is taking secret
photographs of people undressing in a gym and the like.


I second that and am shure that it's similar in Netherland, France,
to name some.
No one takes notice of someone taking pictures, except of feeling

Reading all the answers in the thread I'm getting worried about what's
going on in US society. And it seems not only to be related to
9/11, terrorism,
child porn and so on. I'm often shocked by the rude speak in
several threads,
when someone with a different meaning is asap bashed by others.
No gentlemen anymore...?

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