dropping a 1D on the floor ?

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Re: dropping a 1D on the floor ? - damage

David Mazeau wrote:

One tiny detail that has been on my mind ... as this will be a $4500

If I drop a 1D (or 1D Mark II) on the floor ... there's a very good
chance it will have serious problems, right ?

I had been assuming the answer was "of course", but then this
morning I was looking at some comments in here that maybe
seemed to suggest otherwise.

It really depends on the floor. If there's a carpet, probably no damage.

But if it's hardwood, for example, I think it's entirely likely that it might be chipped or dented. Even in the best case, it would probably need re-sanding and refinishing around the spot where the camera hit. Or I suppose you could just put a throw rug over it.

Concrete might be OK, though.

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