Bw colored 1st try

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Re: Bw colored 1st try

Hi Meem,

Layers can be a little confusing. I still get confused sometimes. But's here's what you can do...I have PS7 but I believe Elements works the same for this...

Bring up your image. Create a duplicate layer - do this by going to Layer, and choose Dulicate Layer. You'll be asked to name the layer - you can leave it to the default of Background Copy and click okay.

You now have 2 layers in the Layer box. Make sure the Background COPY is selected (hi-lighted in blue) - this is the oayer you'll be working in. Go to Image - Adjustments, and choose Hue/Saturation. Bring the Saturation slider down to -100 and click OK. This will turn your layer into B & W.

Then choose the eraser tool in your tool palatte and choose an approprate brush size. Then bbrush out any area on your layer that you want to turn into colr. In effect, it 'erases' the black and white layer so that the Color layer beneath shows through. When you're done, you can Flatten the image by going to Layers and choose Flatten image. Now you have one layer again. This sounds complicated, but it's really not and it's probably better than the way you did it (even though your way was effective and looks nice).
Good luck.

Meem wrote:

Thank you for you comment and for the instructions. I did a cut and
paste of the bird bath, and airbrushed on the shadow in MS
Picture-it. I will try EWlements again although I just don't seem
to grasp working in layers in that program...but I will give it a

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