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Re: Can you explain ? please

If you have Photoshop or elements,

Creat a duplicate layer...

Go to the top layer and select filters -> other -> high pass. Adjust to get strong edges on the filter.
Invert the layer image-> adjust-> invert
Go tp the layers toolbar and change the blend mode from "normal" to "soft light"
Merge the layers.


harycover wrote:
I'm rather a beginner, can you explain me please ?

high pass layer I think... ok, inverted (OK, thats easy )

blended, normal mode ?

what do you mean by blended with soft light, how do you achieve this ?

please give as much details as you can (hope I don't bother you, I
just want to learn)


*isteve wrote:

I inverted a high pass filtered layer and blended with soft light.
Quite like the effect...comments?

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