Hot pixel mapping for the C-2100 UZ works!

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Help, won't recognize camera

corhoin wrote:

Here's my story.

For some time I had struggled with the bright hot pixel groups that
my nice C-2100 UZ decided to develop just a few months after the
warranty period had expired


For anyone interested, the utility can be found at:

There's hope. There's always hope.

Vesa T. Korhonen
Corhoin Wizardonik Customworks, Finland

I have one hot pixel all the time that increases to 3 at 1/2 sec.
This was just about the last of the closeout CompUSA UZIs.

I've read through the thread a few times, but I'm having a problem getting the camera to connect and I'm still not sure how the camera should be set.

The UZI has firmware v352u-77 . I'm using the serial cable from an older Oly, I checked the pin-out and it's correct. The camera was warm and I tried all mode settings. Automatic connect does not work, even with many repeated tries.
Manual Connect gives message:
Open port COM1: SUCCESS
Check Connection: FAULT

The green light on back flashes with every try, so I'm assuming I have a connection.

I've treid v0.12 and 0.14 with same result.
Reported sucesses have had earlier firmware, could that be the problem?

Can someone walk me through the procedure?

Thank you,

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