85mm PC Lens and 14n Please explain Jay et. al.

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Re: Ahh ...

If you shave the tab from the TC-14E converter, you'll preserve all electrical connections with the 85mm PC lens (including matrix metering).

bruce mackie wrote:
hi guys

further to the pc 85mm lens issues, i have at last got the lens
mounted on the dcs but have had to use a nikon tc-14b 1.4 times
teleconverter. all the movements work fine and quality is
excellent, particularly in the f4 to f11 range. there is no problem
with colour cast.

it would be nice to get the lens mounted without the converter and
i will continue to chase a solution.

i have had the colour cast problem, that others describe, with the
nikkor 60mm macro lens when focussed close. i shall try your fix
ken, thanks for the tip.


Ken Phillips wrote:
... you need a white shot to capture this ... and subtract it from
your images.

Stephen H. Westin wrote:

Ken Phillips wrote:

Most pro DSLR's, regardless of brand, have a feature that will let
you do a setup, put a white/grey card in front of your
shifted/tilted lens, take a shot, and tell that camera that the
card is WHITE.
Should that not take all of the color shift out?

Nope. Unfortunately, this color cast varies across the image; green
at one side (portrait orientation), magenta at the other.


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