Really Excellent Monitor Calibration

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Really Excellent Monitor Calibration

I have been a fan of Little CMS and/or using your video card for calibration. However, a thread on here pointed out WiziWYG from Praxisoft.

Wow. I used it both on an LCD monitor and my CRT. EASY and really accurate. One MAJOR issue is that in one of the last steps, setting the White Point through Color Temperature you do one of the following:

1. If your monitor is set to 6500 K, set the software at 9300 K.
2. If your monitor is set to 9300 K, set the software to 6500 K.

Don't do both, or the result will be unacceptably yellow.

Give it a try. Make sure in the last step to make it your "default profile."
Make sure you get rid of the Adobe Gamma Loader shortcut in your Startup Folder.

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