Fred Miranda Plugins....with PS CS & C1 SE

Started Mar 3, 2004 | Discussions thread
wcbert Contributing Member • Posts: 621
I Use Freds Plugins ...

... DV, WP, SI and Frames. Also I own C1LE and PhotoShop CS. You can do everything that Fred's plugins do in PhotoShop is if you have the time to design your own actions.

I do download them, am I wasting my money and causing duplication
already available in the software that I have??

Well for sharpening I use Focal Blade, because I think it is better that Fred's, C1LE and PhotoShop. There are people feel that when it comes to sharpening PhotoShop is good enough for them. I disagree. I am causing duplication you bet, but I look for steps to improve my workflow and save me time when it comes to photo editing and that why I use them.

My Two Cents


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