Fred Miranda Plugins....with PS CS & C1 SE

Started Mar 3, 2004 | Discussions thread
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Re: Fred Miranda Plugins....with PS CS & C1 SE

I use Intellisharpen Pro most often. Next would be his B&W actions. I have the Digital Velvia one, too, but seldom use it.

Mikey's_World wrote:
Anyone else??

Also, which FM plugins do you use?? Trying to get an idea of the
most used here on this forum. Intellisharpen for sure... How
about others?? Keeping in mind that I have PS CS and C1 SE.


Mikey's_World wrote:

Hi All,

I currently have PS CS and Capture 1 SE for Windows (RAW)....
Knowing that I have the latter 2 packages, do I need to download FM
plugins?? He makes it look easier with the plugins. If I do
download them, am I wasting my money and causing duplication
already available in the software that I have??

Like to hear from those that have same 2 software packages that I
have. Thanks in advance...

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