D70 cannot work with SB80DX TTL

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Re: Outdated flash, no TTL, get over it....

Ron Frank wrote:
Nikon's iTTL is based on different hardware than found in the older
D Series camera's.

Nikon COULD have put the OLD D-TTL technology in the D70. Instead
they chose to put the latest technology in the D70.

D-TTL works off 5 sensors, iTTL works of the 256 seg matrix meter,
so the hardware is different. IMO putting the latest greatest in
the D70 is a wise decision.

Not sure why one should expect NEW bodies to work with old flash
units with FULL functionality. The SB80DX certainly DOES work fine
with the D70, but no TTL....

For those that believe that TTL of any sort is the cat's meow....
IMO ANY flash a head smaller than a playing card is guarenteed to
produce harsh light, and no amount of TTL is going to fix that....

Sorry, you will now have to learn how to set a flash WITHOUT the
camera deciding for you how to go about that.... good lesson to
learn IMO as LIGHT is EVERYTHING....

Nikon DID provide D-TTL capabilities on the SB-800DX, so at LEAST
they are working at supporting the D-TTL user base with the new
flash units.

Do not expect to see D-TTL on ANY body in the future....

The only thing IMO Nikon did wrong, was not to invent i-TTL in the
first place. D-TTL is certainly not a great innovation. Nikon Did
however recognize this, and fixed it....so my hat off to them for

If you MUST have iTTL, then sell the SB80DX, and purchase the 800.
The SB80DX has a high resale value, for now.


Tim Chakravorty wrote:

Just what the F* does Nikon think it can get with doing ??? Isn't
this the
company that has faithfully stucK with the F mount since 1957? I am
there is nothing in the electronic logic circuit that requires
that the
D70 not be compatible with the SB80-DX..its just a deliberate
decision on the part of the management to boost sales of their
flashes (which are built
by a third party manufacturer anway) much the same way that the N80
has been deliberately crippled from metering with manual lenses to
promote sales of their cheap crappy plasic zooms.

I invested close to $300 on an SB80DX, now what am I supposed to do
? Go get another Sb800 DX ?? and then a few years later an SB8000
DX ? Maybe Nikon is too confidant of the demand for the D70..and
have saved the 80DX compatibility for the $1500 D200 or something.
Its a highly arrogant and presumptuous move on the part of Nikon
and I hope that they pay a heavy price for it.

Way to go Ron! My thoughts exactly!!! Thank you!

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