D70 cannot work with SB80DX TTL

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jmills74 Contributing Member • Posts: 816
Re: I hope Canon CRUSHES Nikon for doing this to us !

wel li am sorry my 6 figure salary affords me the luxury to not care about spending another $300 for a flash. when the d2x is out i wil lgety a new flash with it and keep my sb-80dx for my d100.

Tim Chakravorty wrote:

This is not an issue of i/ttl vs d/ttl, or new technology vs vs
old. I welcome new technology like anyone else. Its about
backwards compatibility. There is nothing radically different about
the "i/ttl" (or whatever fancy name Nikon wishes to call it by) in
the SB800 that would make it incompatible with D/ttl. The sb-80dx
is barely 3 years old and is Nikon claiming that in that time
period flash technology has changed so much the 80dx and 800 dx are
completely at odds with each other??. And I can almost bet that the
visible difference in images between the "i/ttl" and "d/ttl"
would barely be noticable. Or Nikon wouldn't have to twist our arms
into purchasing their new fancy flashes.

As for jmills74, you know why YOU are not whining ? Becuase you
didn't spend $300 a year ago on the SB80DX.

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