D70 cannot work with SB80DX TTL

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Re: Was this a known issue ? (nt)

F. Kamphues wrote:

Compatibility has been my concern since reading the brochure for
the first time
( http://www.europe-nikon.com/uploads/ngb/Brochures/GB/D70_Brochure.pdf )
I'm still not sure if I can use the SB80DX or not (I have asked
Nikon for a clarification).
My SB80DX is only a year old and I don't want to spend another $400
on a new flash. If that's the case, I wait for a D100 follow up and
see what happens.

Fred Kamphues


In point of fact , d-ttl tho widely advertised Rarely lived up to billing , Thom Hogan is one of few evangelists that got any kind of results with this unit on a D100, I shot over 45,000 images with the D100 , so many that I burned thru a shutter in 18months, while waiting for 11 weeks for my D100 to return from Nikon I bought a D2h and a SB800 , now this is TTL reinvented , working as we so loved on film bodies , it is nearly impossible to take a Bad picture with this combo , conversly it is near Impossible to take a great flash shot with teh D100 / SB80 DX flash, do yourself a favor , sell teh 80 and get the 800 , I have tried it on the D100 and the differences are Night and Day , the Sb800 is a true gem to use, better yet get a d2h as well LOL


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