Rules for Challenge #4

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Rules for Challenge #4

Minolta Challenge is now continued!


Try to illustrate the concept of someone/something being alone, or being single, or lonely, or happy being out there without anybody/anything comparable. Use Rule of Thirds, use Diagonals, use all your photographic techniques and talents, or just simply shoot around to get a photo that shows a composition that will best portray this concept effectively.


Eligibility Criteria

Pictures taken with a Minolta camera, film or digital, during the time period:
From: Monday, March 01, 2004 (Your local time zone, one minute after midnight)
To: Monday, March 15, 2004 6PM EST (New York time)

are eligible for the COMPETITION Gallery.

Pictures taken PRIOR to the time period (above) or with non-Minolta camera are eligible for the EXHIBITION Gallery.

Pictures must conform to the subject: The subject is: Alone.

Authorship: Only submit your own work. If your son/daughter/mother/friend took the picture, they should submit it, using their own login name. If you get help from someone, it’s up to you to give them credit/blame and share any awards.

Please don't move images around in the galleries...respect first-come-first-serve. If you alter an image in any way, please indicate that a change was made to the original when reposting it. You can repost an image into its original spot if it's the same image (just altered). Any new images should be placed at the end of the gallery. This should avoid any confusion...and everyone will be treated equally.

Please make sure EXIF info is included in your entry. In case your software would diminish the EXIF info, please make sure to manually include: date, model of camera, f-number, shutter speed, ISO. All further EXIF info is optional.

Please keep your questions and concerns posted in this thread for best response. Someone will address them as soon as possible.

Three (3) images are allowed in each of the two galleries (Competition and Exhibition).

Please put your name and a unique title on each of your image thumbnails. It will help keep voting problem issues to a minimum.

Please resize your images to no larger than 800 pixels (+ - 10 %) on the longest side and compress to 150k (+15%, yet can be smaller depending on contents) before uploading to pBase... can be larger if a panoramic image. This cuts down our use of storage but will preserve the quality of your image upload for best viewing. Exceptions can be granted by moderator.

Remember, the login name to pBase is "mtf_foto_studies"; and the password is "mtfforum".

Here’s a link to the Minolta Foto Studies galleries page:

Suggestion: DON’T use “ALONE” in the title. The fact that you “complied” with the subject requirements should be obvious. If it isn’t, someone in this friendly crowd will ask, then you can explain. Or if you think your submission has a kind of an abstract meaning please add narratives to your post.

Note that two versions of your picture may divide your votes, and/or attract new votes. It’s your choice.

Suggestions for rule changes/additions/deletions should be discussed here. We operate by consensus, with the host moderating. As winner of Challenge # 3, I get the job of moderating this one. Your suggestions are welcome.

Critiquing: please use the relevant pbase window to write your critique on any or all of the pictures. While having the pbase window opened for a given entry, click on “comment on this image” at the bottom of the page to get a new window where you can write your critique. When finished hit “post message” radio button to send your critique. By this way all critiques can be viewed under each photo and will remain there in the future under the pic.

Voting: from end of contest on Monday, March 15, 2004 6PM EST (New York time) till closing on Sunday, March 21 2004 12:00 noon EST (new York time)



To make it easier to count the votes, PLEASE respond to the ORIGINAL post (click on 1st / original post and reply there, please do NOT place votes in a “reply” to a “reply”. Thanks)

You have 16 points total to work with for each gallery if you choose. (32 total for both galleries)

The first & only "requirement"... Cast 4 points for your very favorite SINGLE photo in each gallery.

You can then award up to 12 more points in each gallery. You are not required to cast any or all of these additional 12 points...or to cast them the same way in each gallery. Vote according to your style preference. Vote "however you like".
Maximum points allowed per photo is 4.

Honorable mentions & many as you would like.

To show appreciation for each other's work, in the traditional friendly spirit of the challenges, PLEASE VOTE FOR PHOTOS OTHER THAN YOUR OWN. None of the "header" photos are meant to receive any votes.

If you cast a series of "same point" votes, it really helps me if you list them in "gallery order". We can tally them a lot easier that way...thank you for helping us by doing this.
Here is the format for voting:
4pts_ Title by Artist
(X)pts_ Title by Artist (This repeats as you see fit)
4pts_ Title by Artist
(X)pts_ Title by Artist (This repeats as you see fit)

Voting: from closing of submissions on Monday, March 15, 2004 till Sunday, March 21, 2004 12:00 noon EST (New York time)

First five winners will be announced right after the closing in a separate thread.

Thank you for your kind attention.

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Cheers, Feri

'I can look at a fine photograph and sometimes I can hear music. Ansel Adams.'

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