D70 cannot work with SB80DX TTL

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I think like you too.


Being compelled to buy a new flash (my sb80 DX is only 15 months old) is the price to pay for an "inexpensive" D70. I have never been able to use the full features of my SB 80 DX (auto zoom, auto focus assist lamp, true TTL) with my CP 5000, and now I learn that I won't be able to use them on a D70 too. I have to think twice before making the leap.

Canon has dumbed down the 300D. Is Nikon doing the same with flash incompatibility of "older" speedlights like the SB 80DX? Can this be fixed with firmware?

Maybe better wait for the D100 successor?


My SB80DX is only a year old and I don't want to spend another $400
on a new flash. If that's the case, I wait for a D100 follow up and
see what happens.

Fred Kamphues

sbill wrote:
Was this a known issue ?

Henry Goh wrote:
Yes those older flash do not communicate with D70. The zoom head
don't move, the ISO stays at 100 etc.


Kay wrote:

yappy wrote:


I tested a D70 demo unit at Nikon camera exhibition at Kuala
Lumpur. I attached my SB80DX to the D70 but could not get the it to
work on TTL mode. The shutter button would not release. I could
only get it to work when I switched the SB80DX mode to "A" or
"Manual" mode.

I also noticed that the SB80DX did not respond to the D70. Does
this mean that the SB80DX is not compatible with the D70?

I already ordered the D70. Hope that I can save some money by not
having to get the SB800DX..

Yes, as I understand it you have to get the SB800DX/SB600DX for
full automatic flash shooting (i-TTL).


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