Canon S100 Elph - good purchase?

Started Dec 27, 2000 | Discussions thread
Kim Shen Junior Member • Posts: 41
Re: Canon S100 Elph - good purchase?

The wife bought s100 for me about a week before christmas. I understood the low light limitations and weak flash so it really worked better than I expected. She also picked up 2 32meg cards.

When shopping for an extra battey I found that Canon offered a package battery, neck strap, and a mall holster type case that holds camera extra battery and extra card it can be worn on your belt. I carry this camera everywhere usually in my shirt pocket using the neck strap. The package was a goog value about 10 to 15% premium over the price of the battery.

Jason Harris wrote:

I am thinking about buying the S100 Elph. I am looking for size (I
know I am covered here!), image resolution, ease of use, and prefer
USB support. Anyone out there have one of these, and have some
words of advice one way or the other?


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