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BTP is right...get the 70-200 4L or you'll most likely be sorry...nt

BTP wrote:
First, you asked what the difference was for the different focal
lengths. This link should help...

Second, don't do it. You are going from a high quality, fast, USM
lens to a slow, lower quality lens. I would do one of two things:

(1) Keep your 100 f/2
(2) Save the money and get a better zoom like the 70-200 f/4L

My 2 cents worth

Mrokay wrote:

sort to be a bugger, but on tuesday I got the Canon 100 f/2 USm.
(couldn't afford the 70-200 F4L new $630 and couldn't find it used
in NY).

Spent some times yesterday testing it and found that the 100 f/2
doesn't have that much reach (I was trying to photograph some
seagulls). I'm thinking about returning it for a tokina 24-200
3.5-5.6 lens. How much difference will another 100mm make?

The problems is, I do mostly landscapes (90%). Not alot of animals
or birds to shoot in NY. So the zoom/telephoto will be used only
occasionally when I need to reach in for something.

And because I'm not going to be using it alot I'm split.

One side of me saids,"live with the 100, you probably won't notice
the 100mm difference when you;re not aiming for animals. Plus the
faster lens on the canon might be useful when you shoot dogs or
cats in the park or at your friends home. And it can give good
background blur, no more photoshop."

Other side of me saids,"get the tokina, it's cheaper, you save a
100 bucks and if the lens qaulity isn't as good as the canon you're
not using it enough to be that important of an issue. Besides you
can always up the ISo if you need it for faster shoots. Can always
use photoshop for background blur. Save the money toward the
purchase of a 17-40L or sigma 12-24 instead"

SO what should I do? If i return it I have to do it soon

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