I have to apologise to everyone...

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Wayne Sircoulomb Regular Member • Posts: 109
You asked for it so here it is.

I have looked at your site Clive, and can say that your monochromes are flat. You need to read Adams Zone System books; you seem to have completely lost zone 1 and zone 10. Your artsy shots are 2 dimensional with very little depth that would make them snap out at the viewer. The four boats blur is especially 2 dimensional. Your portraits lack good use of the rule of thirds. It looks like you are trying to copy the Asians with the monochrome picture of the girl but you don't seem to be able to pull it off like they can. Your nature shots look kind of like everybody else’s nature shots when they first get a macro lens. Been there, done that, nothing new. And the travel shots lack humanity. You should buy the slides and save the money on film and paper. When I travel I usually see a lot of people that really can add to the character of the shot. But then again, if you treat other people the same way you treated Steph then I am not surprised you don't have many people in your pictures.

Nicepix wrote:

Donsta wrote:

This sort of response to my posting really just confirms that most
posters here have no interest in improving their photography; but
have a much bigger interest in preserving their obviously fragile
egos and patting each other on the back.

I could not have put it better myself Donsta. No one has yet
directly contradicted any one point I directed at Steph's photos
and no one has directly criticised any one point about my
photographs or web site with any real authority.

One person complains about the bleached out sky that occupies about
5% of one or two of the 80 or so images without considering whether
that sky is a necessary part of the image or that a similar sky
occupies 90% of Steph's Ribbleshead view and detracts from the
overall image. One says that my views mean nothing because I'm an
amateur as if the fact that selling a few photos makes your views
worth hearing and one guy claims I am too mean to buy my own domain
when it is clear that I have a domain and image hosting as if that
makes a difference to my views.

There are some; 'your work is rubbish' type of comments without
being specific about what actually is rubbish and why. Perhaps they
don't actually know what makes a good or bad photo. After all I
don't see many of their images on view. People like Steph are
buoyed up by meaningless vacant praise of less than ordinary photos
and this in my mind is much more damaging than pointed negative
critique. His reaction to my negative critique is to throw a public
tantrum and claim that he intends to sell his camera. That speaks
volumes about the man.



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