A70 vs a75 quandrary

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Re: A70 vs a75 quandrary

Vorpal Bunny wrote:

KieranB wrote:

Reading the specifications for the A75 I'd buy it before the A70
for the following reasons:

  • A75 LCD is bigger with more pixels (1.8" 110k compared to 1.5"

78k pixels)

  • A75 has a histogram function for judging exposure.

  • The silly silver used for the surround on the LCD on the A70 has

been changed on the A75. This always glinted in outdoor light and
annoyed me.

Being a first time digital user, it's hard to know if those things
are important to me. My current camera is a K-1000 I received for
Christmas nearly 30 years ago.

From my point of view I'm not on a deadline so I'd be happy to wait. Going through them one by one. LCD on the A70 is OK, but bigger is better. Histogram is a "nice to have" feature but not essential. Silver surround on the LCD is a small thing that just particularly annoyed me, solution is cover it with a piece of tape if it bothers you.

Good question, try asking whatever store you're considering
purchasing from. As I recall the A70 was announced around this time
last year and was available at the end of March, beginning of April.

That's probably too late for me. We should be taking a cruise in
mid-April, I'll need some time before that to learn the camera.

I'm already stretching my budget for the A70, the A75 is probably
just a pipe dream for me.

Here in Europe A75 is priced at about EUR30/USD40 more expensive than that the A70 currently so it's not breaking the bank but if you're stretching for the A70 then every penny counts I guess. Also if you have a deadline buy the A70 now, it's a good camera and will continue to be even when the A75 hits the streets.

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