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Re: F-1 regulations + a great pic

I think this is here much of the current f-1 tyre war is in designing the tyres so they have predictable handeling characteristics. The developments here will certainly work thier way down to passenger car tyres, I'm not sure how much suspension technology is transferrable. One of the advantages with tight rules is you can force manufactures to concentrate development efforts on things that will benefit passenger cars the most - tyres, fuel efficiency, traction control, semi automatic geraboxes.

Another reason for the high sidewall tyres in F-1 and other fast open wheel racing series is to prevent wheel damage from occurring when you hit a kerb hard. Try doing this with a low prfoilie tyre - I don't think your race would last very long.

Interesting... that's what I thought, but in a sense, for the
ultimate prototype technology platform that is odd. Because a
rubber tire suspension offers very little control. The theory
behind low profile tires is to decouple the (uncontrolled) tire
springness from the actual (controlled) suspension components -
spring/shock. Of course (on daily drivers), on less than
autobhan-class surfaces we pay a comfort price.


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