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F-1 regulations

One of the reasons there is so littel difference in F-1 cars these days is because of regulations - this includes the tyres. the maximum diameter is specified & so is the tyre bead diameter. This yields a regulated sidewall height. Since there is so much sidewall F-1 cars use this as thier primary means of suspension, which one of the reasons why a tyre can be designed for a specific car (or a car for a tyre) - the flex of a sidewall has a lot to do with the spring rate of a car..

Here is a llink to the f-1 sporting regs if anyone is interested (section 12 in the text deals with wheels & tyres)

John Davis wrote:
Notice the height of the sidewalls on those tires! Compare that to
today's 30-40% low profile tires of the street legals sports cars
we drive.

I guess that rubber is needed to cushion the road given that the
suspension itself is very hard. Also... lower profiles would imply
larger wheels raising the unsprung weight.


nick_eos wrote:

The one the only David Coul... err Mr Shoemaker himself

2003 Silverstone, 10D with a 70-300IS

Hopefullt this year will be back with the 1Ds 100-400IS and 1.4 MKII

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