The 8 mp camreras will collapse market & hurt companies

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Geir Ove Veteran Member • Posts: 3,098
The 8 mp camreras will collapse market & hurt companies


I have been thinking about this for a while:

I fear that the premature ( ) introduction of the 8 2/3" CCD mpix cameras will may hurt the different vendors in several ways:

a) The prices of the 5 mpix versions will drop to a level where no-one makes money on them

b) Th 8 mpix are NOT performing as 8 mpix theoretical levels, they are in fact barely better resolution wise than their 5 mpix cousines. In may areas they perform worse, due to limitations in the optics: Edge softness, CA, PF to name a few problems.

c) I fear that these problems will eventually give the cameras manufacturers a bad reputation, and that it will be difficult to sell the lower mpix models as well !

d) It will be difficult or impossible to revert back to 5 mpix 2/3" CCDs and say: Hey, we where wrong: It's the 5 mpix you should buy, because that's the upper limit of how many pixels we can cram on a 2/3" CCD and get decent noise and resolution without filtering our pictures to death (to 5 mpix resolution)

premature because the CCD technology is NOT good enough yet** to cram 8 mpix onto a 2/3" CCD.

That's may 2 cents.

Geir Ove

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