Tokina 19-35 or Sigma 21-35?

Started Feb 19, 2004 | Discussions thread
nenad Contributing Member • Posts: 953
Re: Tokina 19-35 or Sigma 21-35?

Actually, my own tests concluded that the sigma 15-30 is by far sharper then the Nikon 24-85mm. I had the 21-30 Sigma and it was very sharp. It won several awards back then.

I tested all those lenses. And if you come up with some other guy's review of it then I'll come up with mine.

I can concede that I may have had a bad tokina example, ok. But it was pure garbage.

Dan Nelson wrote:

nejic wrote:

The Tokina is pure Garbage. Mine wasn't useable. It doesn't focus
well on the wide angle side and it has bad optics.

"Pure Garbage" ? Then I guess you consider the Sigma 15-30 and the
Canon 17-40 L pure garbage as well ?

= Dan =

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