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Instructions: How this was done...

1) I started by taking individual pictures of each family member. Each person was holding a sheet of white posterboard, aimed directly towards the camera.

2) I post-processed each image until I was happy (RAW -> TIFF, Noise Ninja, USM, etc, etc).

3) Starting with the largest image (me!) and working down towards the smallest image:

  • using the Measure tool I drew a line along the top edge of the posterboard (this was done to determine the angle of the board)

  • I rotated the canvas so that the top edge of the posterboard was level with the horizon

  • Using the rectangular marquee tool I selected (just inside) the posterboard (this was done to determine the required dimensions of the next, smaller picture).

  • I then opened the next subsequent picture and cropped/resized it until it fit the previously measured dimensions

  • I pasted the next image onto a new layer (directly on top of the posterboard) and then using transform-> distort, dragged the corners so that they looked 'right'.

  • Using a layer mask I erased the part of the new layer that was covering the fingers of the person holding the posterboard.

  • When all photos were in place, I rotated the canvas back to its original orientation.

That's it! Hope you found this helpfull!


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