Minolta A1 & A2 side by side

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Re: Probably 8mp downsampling to 5mp. RAW? 5vs3 Size...

DavidG wrote:

I agree as the A1 is faster at the 5MP then at smaller res. the A2
would be the same when smaller than 8MP.

I dont think it's downsampling thats causing the problem...

I have had another go at this, and the A2 is consistantly slower at writing to the MD than the A1:

A1 STD 2560 = 8 sec
A1 SF 2560 = 11 sec
A2 STD 2560 = 15 sec
A2 SF 2560 = 19 sec
A2 STD 3264 = 15 sec
A2 SF 3264 = 22 sec

What I have noticed is that the MD motor spins down then up whilst writing the burst on the A2 - a bit like it's writing the 3 files seperatly, but spinning the MD down between the files.

The A1 doesnt seem to do this - all 3 files are transferred without spinning the MD down between the files.

The access light actually flickers on the A2, coincides with the MD spindowns, but the A1 stays constant.

I tried it with my 16mb CF card, and the timings are shorter:

A1 STD 2560 5 secs
A2 STD 2560 8 secs
A2 STD 3264 8 secs

The light flicker is still there on the A2.

Prehaps Minolta are trying to make the A2 more compatible with other CF types by resetting the CF/MD card between photos????

What was the RAW size combined for the A1 in 49sec. vs A2 in 41sec.
(Was that 3 shots each or 5 for the A1 and 3 for the A2?)

I retried this and the A2 is now repeatedly 58 secs - I don't know what I did earlier?
Anyway, RAW seems to be affected by the MD spinup / spindown issue as well:

A1 RAW 5 shots = 48 sec = 35.6mb
A2 RAW 3 shots = 58 sec = 34.7mb

If I keep the A2 I may report this as a firmware bug to see if its intentional or not...

One thing I have noticed though thats better on the A2 is that the buffer management seems to be better - if you shoot 3 shots in burst mode, then after the first has been written to CF, the "shots remaining" number returns to white, and you can continue shooting.

When I tried this on the A1, I had to wait for all 5 shots to be written to CF before another shot could be taken.

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