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Re: Transmitter button use?

tosborn wrote:


When you have the receiver attached to the camera, what is the
actual operation of the two buttons on the transmitter? Do you
press button 1 for half press, and then holding it down also
depress button 2 for shutter release?

Yes, that's exactly how you can do it. It also works if you press 1 and then 2 (though it may then re-focus when you press 2).

Another alternative is to wire a jack plug across the switches on the RF remote and plug it into the switch from your modified RS-80N3. Then you can use the Canon switch as you normally would. (I didn't bother to do this - yet anyway - as it's easy to use the two buttons by rocking your thumb across them).

Note: in my wiring, the smaller top button acts as the shutter half-press and the bigger button as the release:

This is my modified RS-80N3 (for reference):


Tim Osborn

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