my 828 is going back home to sony

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Re: my 828 is going back home to sony

Biff, I'm sorry that you feel you made a mistake in choosing the 828. I just bought one today, but was primarily interested in its IR capability--I've got penty of other DSLRs. In terms of its IR capability I wasn't disappointed. Adapting its 58mm threads to nearly every IR filter I own from 720nm to 1000nm, the little camera strains its guts to produce a picture with all of them, and is the first I've had that can actually get to 1000nm. True, they could have done things a bit better by allowing manual f/stops and shutter speeds for the "nightshot" mode, but it's workable nevertheless. In fact, it even provides images using an ultraviolet pass filter (U-360) in combination with a hot mirror--I can't wait until we actually get some sun and a few flowers to try it on.

Yes, it's grainy, but I expected that. And yes, the lens quality may not be perfect, but what 7:1 zoom out there is really much good at all? I'd say, if anything, that for the zoom range involved, this lens does exceptionally well. It's not a 14n or even a D100, it has a tiny subsize sensor that can't help being a noisy critter, but you need to look at the whole package Sony has put together here before damning it altogether. On the whole they did a pretty fine job, but users need to recognize the limitations of such a camera and find workarounds. Shooting in RAW mode is a big step toward addressing its CA problems (whether lens or CCD created). Also keeping ASA down at 100 or less seems to help considerably. It may be a dream come true for many IR shooters.

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