DIY! Build your own inexpensive RF Wireless Remote Shutter Release.

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Buy the cable-release and splice in a stereo jack (more)...

Get a Canon RS-80N3 wired remote (Canon accessories are the only source I know of the correct connector) and splice in a 2.5 or 3.5mm stereo plug and inline socket (make sure the plug (male) end is on the N3 connector side. E.g see answers in this thread:

Then you can plug the two ends together and use the wired remote, or unplug the connector end and plug it into the RF receiver to use the wireless remote.

Alternatively, you can make your own connector (though not as secure) and hard-wire it to your RF receiver. See the one in this post:

Hovig wrote:

Thank you for the great info, but how to we attach it to the camera?

You guys were talking about attaching this device to the electronic
cable release.

please continue your wonderful explanation and tell us how to
complete the task of attaching this unit either to the cable
release switch or cable or directly to the camera.

thank you in advance.
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