Canon 10D or Spotting Scope

Started Feb 23, 2004 | Discussions thread
OP Carl Thomas Regular Member • Posts: 289
Re: he's overstating the issue

Why is postprocessing necessary with DSLRs?


John Duesterhoeft wrote:
I takes me abou 30sec per pic... less when I use C1.

You do really need to do some postprocessing though.

In the end, DSLRs cost a lot more, but the image quality of a good
tele lens is so far beyond a spotting scope, there is no comparison.

Jeff S wrote:

If you want the output straight from the Camera that is sharp clear
and with good contrast and color like you get now you will find
that you will have to work at it with the 10D (or any DSLR for that
matter). They store more information but you have to spend some
time to make it happen.
Jeff S

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