Direct Test Comparison - S2 vs. SLR/n

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Re: Special request...


If you have the .dcr of the parking lot your image #g4dr0053_ACR.jpg

I would like to play with it with ACR 2.1 for myself. I have been able to fix all of the problems in other images I have seen posted around the net and would like a crack at this one. Please email it to me I have the space for it.

I am looking at this camera for my professional work and will not be able to test one in the the real world until friday. If I can not clear up this image I may not be able to use the camera for my highly detailed product work.

If I can fix it I will put it up for all to see with my list things done.

Thanks to you and Jim Herndon for your postings. wrote:

Hi Jim,
Not sure if you have the time, but I just wonder how much
improvement would Adobe ACR 2.1 in PhotoShop CS will bring to your
SLR/n samples.

Thanks for taking the time to post what you have so far.

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