Is this dust - or something worse?

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Re: To tell if it is a dust or something worse

I once left the camera outside in my truck, and it became quite cold. When I realized I had left it outside, I brought it in and immeadiatly knew that condensation was going to be a problem. I uncapped my lenses and allowed them to dry first. I intentionally left the body capped to experiment for a few minutes. Once the lenses had dried i uncapped the body and allowed condense to collect on the filter arrray. I focused the lense, and placed it on the body and shot at several subjects. the resulting image had a repeating pattern of the same anomoly that you are experiencing in your images. It is my opinion that you have a splatter of some type non evaporating liquid such as cooking oil or something of the same texture. Or maybe a dried spllater of sweat or as weird and unusual as it sounds, maybe mucus, have you sneezed while the body was exposed? Have you coughed or anything of tht nature while the body is exposed. With something of that nature where the pixels are still recieving and transmitting light and the light is of the correct exposure, and color it only leaves the option that youi have a scratched filter array or a splatter of some type. Has anything poked or touched the filter array? If I correctly recall, Canon recomends that NOTHING thouch the filter array or sensor as it my be microscopically scratched.

Lastly, keep in mind I may be incorrect.
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