I have to apologise to everyone...

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I have to apologise to everyone...

Dear friends,

I've been posting pictures here for the last 2 years or so, in the obviously mistaken belief that some of them were worth a momentary glance.

Following his helpful comments in this thread http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1020&message=7681829 , "Clive" or "Nicepix" left the following helpful message in the guest book on my website.


I have reviewed your photos and offer the following comments;

You are obviously a keen photographer given the quantity of image you have posted here and on the Fuji Forum. However, whilst the quantity of these photographs is great I am afraid that the quality is sadly lacking. This is a shame given the beautiful areas that you visit.

Many of the Hardrian’s Wall and Northern England photographs exhibit beginner’s mistakes such as poor subject content and ill though out composition. The first two in particular totally lack inspiration. The third displays flare which in adding nothing artistic to the image can only be regarded as deterimental. A basic rule of photography is that where the sky adds nothing to the image then exclude it from the scene. This is quite easy to do in hill country such as Northumberland and Swaledale.

Probably your best image on this page is entitled: “Spring in Swaledale is a riot of wildflowers…..” Whilst for once the sky is blue you have failed to maximise depth of field sufficiently to render the near flowers in focus. It is a shame that the rest of the selection mainly fall into the snap shot category and exhibit little artistic merit. I feel that you have wasted the bridge at Mosedale photograph and not used the basic rules of composition effectively. Things like the rule of thirds and leading lines are totally absent unless you count the “A hiker needs no more encouragement than this!” Which actually appears to lead nowhere.

Many of your shots are enlarged beyond their natural resolution. Big is not always beautiful and blowing a 1Mp image full screen only detracts from the image quality and displays that you do not know what you are doing. Similarly the images that spill outside a 17” monitor do nothing to show that you are controlling your images effectively.

There are some good images amongst your Canadian selection – Mt. Baker for example, and a few of the sunsets, but these are found shots not made ones."

Clearly I've been labouring under some misconceptions, and I apologise to everyone here for wasting their time. I'll sell the photographic equipment tomorrow. Many thanks to Nicepix for straightening me out....

I thought that his insightful comments were too important not to share.
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